My Video Work

Coronation of the Queen of the African Diaspora, Dr. Arikana Chihombori at Panafest Nashville 2014, by Megan Finley using iPhoto.

Professional singer songwriter Panama Red’s Videos by Megan Finley using Windows Movie Maker. These were made prior to HD being released.

Houdini my rooster and his Magician’s Assistants: They’re all named Beatrix, shot on iPhone and edited on iPhoto.

Mash up remixes using Goldwave and Garageband for audio, Premiere Elements for video, prototype images graciously shared by their respective artists, especially Lisa Law (Smithsonian Institute Photographer). I do not claim any photographs or audio used, all used under the Creative Commons licensing act of 2012. This was made a prototype with the understanding this is not a finished video series. Published on Oct 17, 2015
This is a tribute, I personally own nothing but the arrangement itself, all other material belongs to others, used under Creative Commons. Dedicated to friends on all dimensions; most especially to Stanley Goldstein and Felix Pappalardi.

An intentionally pretentious short art film with voice over by me from my MTSU days made for Intermediate Computer Art Window Movie Maker.

Driving tour of middle Tennessee with my little HD camera. If you’re interested in video work this might interest you to see the still camera video quality for your viral videos using iMovie.

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