FAQ About Me

Do you have a Job?

I am on an Academic life path. As a scholar, I find audio and visual learning methods to be the most effective for me and I enjoy trying to share that with other lifelong learners. I have also found that the best way of teaching using media is over the Internet, so I especially strive towards making edutainment.

What have you been doing?

Although at the birth of the Web I was nominated for an early Webby Award, my calling is not as a Web Designer. Rather, I think of myself as a teacher and inventor who uses the Web to communicate what I have come to value and want to pass on to others. You could call me an early female GUI engineer, specializing in kids projects, if you really wanted to.

Why do you think social science and self help naturally go together and what do you think you can add to that integration?

My main interest is in the field of Meta-Cognition in regards to ability for data selection and compression, which those with Savant disorders lack the innate ability for. I believe that deeper genetic and ancestral knowledge is revolutionizing the perception of self in the world at large. Deeper means of self-knowledge through genealogy and genetics is rigidly stratified and neither is currently utilized for personal and social  benefit, as they could be in the future.

How does studying counterculture in the United States relate to ancient traditions found throughout the globe usually referred to as the tribal or shamanic traditions?

Many Eastern Faiths are found in the USA, as well as practitioners of all forms of ancient magics. Although periodically altered and adapted by new practitioners, the core principles remain recognizable to the original denomination.  Many of the philosophical and spiritual basis of American culture has been downplayed by the mainstream press, yet these are oftentimes the very nuclei of social change. The first stitch in the tapestry of a idealistic movement. This origin cannot be effectively explored without unearthing and tracing that thread back as far as possible to its first appearance in human history and then mapping the concepts migratory pattern to its most recent final appearance, taking note of evolution at each phase of adoption.

Do you make art, write, and do videos on the Web, too?

Yes! I currently have a multitude of websites on multiple topics which will be growing in the very near future. Please forgive me if they are in the process of various stages of completion. I do some charitable online social media work for businesses of friends and nonprofit companies at times for barter or donation, please get in contact for negotiations. In addition to the videos page on this web site I am also always in the process of developing more videos and uploading them to my over 100 playlists on YouTube. Please become a subscriber there as I need 1,000 subscribers to see rewards from Ad Words. I particularly enjoy blogging on the topics of Art History, The Occult, and Musicology.

Besides making media, what other art do you do? Can I buy some of your art sometime?

I am also a painter and collage artist. I can also make you an embroidered version of your astrology chart or just about any image. Please inquire if this sounds appealing to you or if I can be of service in some other way.

I’m interested in hiring you for film work or interviewing you, would you be interested?

I have experience with modeling and acting and I am comfortable with both, if you have a potential role for me I encourage you to get in touch. I am willing to travel as a professionally trained photographer and videographer, specializing in documentary film making, although I am a willing collaborator as well. I enjoy speaking publicly, if you have a particular message to be presented please get in touch.

What type of divination services do you offer share?

I have been studying metaphysics and shamanism from a United States perspective for over three decades. My particular focus of study has been Western and Vedic Astrology, although I also read tarot. Although I was born with many gifts that have been part of my story, I feel that this intuition has fueled my studies of unseen forces and the nature of universal truths. I am always up for astrology, personality or couples charts, or tarot forecasting and inquiries; for a small donation of your choosing I would be happy to upload a personal reading to a private YouTube address for you.

I heartily welcome you to get in touch with me through email and we can work something out thank you so much and have a great day everybody! Meg/ Dharam Kaur

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