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If you would like to help me make more videos on a number of metaphysical subjects, including tarot, please donate to my Patreon page here:

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If you would like a reading please write to me at my social media outlets or directly here, you can also send offerings through Paypal using this address, Thank you!:


Please write me directly at G-mail for a Skype reading or a private reading on Vimeo or YouTube. Thank you!
Alternatively please get in touch with me and we can collaborate. Thank you so much! Satnam, Namaste, and God Bless.
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I require an offering of some kind through Paypal at the address: dharamkaur23@gmail.com or BizarreBazarreEmporium.com through this address for you to get personal readings via Skype or private readings through a link on YouTube, as you prefer.
LEGAL: Dharam Kaur Astrology is for entertainment purposes only. Those suffering from serious impending medical issues are advised to seek licensed medical providers or counselors, thank you.

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